Thursdays have to be strategic. It’s the day that would predict how I could manage my Friday coding.

On Thursdays, I get to have extra activities after work just to kill time. Sometimes I’d take yoga classes. Most of the time I do overtime *sobs*. This week, I watched a movie! And yes, I was able to get 5% off on my movie ticket, and parked for free at the mall (well, the cashier did ask for P10 probably because I stayed longer than the “free” hours) with the parking coupons that I got from my BPI Amore credit card.

The reason for this strategy is so I could arrive home later than my normal week nights because the overnight parking rate at my condo starts at 10pm and I need to park at the condo so I won’t have to walk 10 minutes the next day just to get my car from my
24-hour fixed rate parking and drive off before the coding period begins. I’m practically saving myself with some brisk walking while carrying my laptop and my everyday bag.


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