Happy Easter, everyone!

How was your holiday? I’d say mine was fine. I didn’t have any grand escapade, but I did have a long drive back to my province up north.

I left the metro Wednesday afternoon. I’ve been like that–early to leave–ever since my horrific 8-hour Holy Week drive to my hometown circa 2014 . 4 hours of which was Nlex alone.

But that was three years ago. With the road widening projects here and there along nlex and opening of tplex exits, the drive has been so efficient! Really!

Over the years of driving to my province, I’ve come to weigh and analyze mileage and gas it entail. Normally, the drive would go over 200km. During the horrible 8-hour traffic, I spent half tank of gas (more or less 20L). But on a normal traffic, 15L of unleaded would do.

For my recent drive home, to tplex or not to tplex was a tough decision to make. There were so many factors to consider, but mostly it was money. Which one would be more practical financially? I wanted to put more science into how I arrived to taking all expressways possible just to get home, but honestly it was just because my capacity to drive with quality could only last 4 hours straight. So the rationale behind it was time.

And mileage!

Surprisingly, from the 200+ kilometers, I only spent 100 something this time. I was not able to note my mileage before leaving Manila, but I have already estimated that I’d have run a total of 39000km by the time I get back in the metro. But no, it’s not even 38900km at this time. I thought I will be needing to call Toyota for a PMS appointment already. But I guess not in another month.


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